Ep 103: Ep 103: Ep 103: Teaching the craft of sports media to students with Frank Fernandez of SLAM SiriusXM Radio


Ryan Kairalla

Ep 103: Ep 103: Ep 103: Teaching the craft of sports media to students with Frank Fernandez of SLAM SiriusXM Radio

This week, Ryan sits with Frank Fernandez, the faculty Executive Producer of SLAM Radio. Located on the SLAM Miami charter school campus, SLAM Radio is the first SiriusXM radio station run by high school students. On this episode, Frank talks about his background in sports media and his experience working with charter school students as part of the SLAM Radio program. Frank also talks about the education process of teaching students while ensuring that they get good practical training.  You can find out more about our guest’s school by visiting www.slammiami.com

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