Charter School Superstars

Charter School Superstars

A weekly interview series featuring the incredible teachers, administrators, students, policymakers, social entrepreneurs, and other voices that are leading an education revolution.


Ryan Kairalla

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Ep 103: Ep 103: Ep 103: Teaching the craft of sports media to students with Frank Fernandez of SLAM SiriusXM Radio
This week, Ryan sits with Frank Fernandez, the faculty Executive Producer of SLAM Radio. Located on the SLAM Miami charter school campus, SLAM Radio is the first SiriusXM radio station run by high school students. On this episode, Frank talks about his background in sports media and his experience working with charter school students as…Continued
Ep 102: Leading the boys soccer team to a well-deserved victory with Pamela McDonald of Doral Academy
This week, Ryan sits with Pamela McDonald, the head coach of the Doral Academy Charter School boy’s soccer team in Doral, Florida. On this episode, Pamela talks about her experience coaching the Doral Charter team for 13 years and challenges she faced in the process. Pamela also talks about her coaching philosophy and how she…Continued
Ep 101: Effective substitute teaching recruitment strategies with Mike Teng of Swing Education
This week, Ryan sits with Mike Teng, the CEO and Co-Founder of Swing Education, a staffing company that connects schools with high-quality substitute teachers. On this episode, Mike talks about what motivated him to start Swing Education and his experience as a school administrator having to navigate finding substitute teachers. Mike also talks about the…Continued
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